Completed projects



Lao Cai Province (2017-2019)

This 3-year project (2017-2019), funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland, will include building water distribution systems in two Lao Cai communes (Hop Thanh and Ta Phoi) as well as introducing ways of monitoring the quality of water.


Navalparasi (2019-2021)

This 2-year project aims to provide a sustainable, by community self-maintaining and healthy water supply alongside better sanitation. The project is a follow-up to NAPA WASH in Nepal 2014-2016 and is funded by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland.


Turkana (2015-2019)

Our water and sanitation project in Turkana, Kenya, was cancelled 2019 because of obscurities with our local partner, GWAKO.


Navalparasi & Palpa (2014-2016)

The new Water and Sanitation project in Nepal is continuation to previous WaterFinns involvement in WASH sector development in Nepal. The new project starting in 2014 is implemented in 6 villages in the “Lumbini-zone”, Western Nepal.


Mtwara (2012-2015)

The project aims at improving the sustainability of water supply and sanitation in selected villages in Mtwara Rural District in Southern Tanzania through development of user managed water supply systems.


Lao Cai Province (2012-2015)

The project goal is to promote hygiene behavior change and scale up Hand Washing With Soap (HWWS) amongst ethnic minorities in the target area in order to improve the community health.


Kanchanpur (2010-2014)

The Kanchanpur Project in Nepal aims to research and implement sustainable water supply solutions in areas with arsenic-rich groundwater and enhance the sanitation conditions in the villages.