Second phase of RIWASH project will improve the livelihood of almost 11 000 beneficiaries

10.9.2023 - Ethiopia

WaterFinns has started the second phase of Rural Innovative Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (RIWASH) project in Halaba, Ethiopia.

The First phase was completed in early 2023. The first phase achieved major improvements in access to drinking water and basic sanitation in three villages in the project area with about 18 000 direct beneficiaries. This will contribute to their health, reduce time spent to get water and increase equity of women, children and PwDs. The first phase also increased the capacity of locals and facilitated establishing practices in water supply scheme management.

Phase II of RIWASH project aims to provide:

1) improved access to drinking water & basic sanitation in 3 new villages in the project area

2) holistic approach to sanitation, agriculture & income generation through ecological sanitation (EcoSan) in all project villages

The planned activities will result in improved access to drinking water for ~10 830 people in the new target villages. This contributes to their health, reduces time spent getting water & increases equality of women, girls and PwDs. We also aim to increase understanding of the roles of all stakeholders in scheme management. Women will be trained to take key roles in WASH Committees. A Water Safety Planning (WSP) expanded to WSP+++, to address climate change adaptation & disaster risk reduction (+), operation and maintenance (O&M) and water fee collection (+) as well as inclusion of especially women & people with disabilities (PwDs) (+) will be implemented in the new areas.

The second aim will increase the sanitation and agricultural know-how of people in the new & old kebeles. The EcoSan approach will 1) train people to construct safe toilets producing safe compost, 2) improve soil fertility by using the compost and training people how to make and use fertilizers & pesticides, 3) improve food safety in the area with improved crops, and 4) create income from agriculture and increase the independence of vulnerable groups.

To reach the second aim, we have teamed up with Kehitysmaayhdistys Pääskyt, who have vast experience in projects concerning e.g. improving food security through farming & strengthening vulnerable groups.