Turkana (2015-)

Project coordinator: Jussi Laine

Assistant coordinator: Mira Janhunen

Senior advisers: Eero Kontula and Eero Meskus

Supporters: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Water supply and sanitation project in Turkana County (2015-)

WaterFinns ry is starting to work on a new project in Kenya with GWAKO (Ground-Water Abstraction in Kenya Outreach). The project aims to provide water supply and sanitation to selected rural schools and villages in the Turkana County, which is in many ways the most underdeveloped area in Kenya. WaterFinns was granted with the project funding from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland in December 2014.

The project aims to improve the area’s wellbeing by providing assistance in water supply and sanitation sectors in the neediest villages in northern Turkana County, which have been selected by the Turkana community themselves. During the project, efforts are made to repair and rehabilitate dysfunctional water wells in the project area. In addition, ca. 10 new wells with water pans and 10-20 hygienic latrines will be built, and also the communities are educated in the proper ways to operate and manage the mentioned facilities. The abandoned wells in the project area will be identifed and evaluated, after which GWAKO will aim to find out, why the wells are not in use and prepare a rehabilitation plan. Approval will be applied to rehabilitate the wells from the county council. If the permission is granted, implementation of the rehabilitation plan will be done in the end of 2015.

In the first phase of the project, GWAKO and WaterFinns (WF) agree on and sign the project contract, and establish a field office in northern Turkana. Before the implementation phase, the selection of the project villages is discussed with the county council to make sure that the project supports the Turkana county’s development strategy in the best possible way. After the selection of the villages has been approved, WF will update the work plan, and a community based organization (CBO) is established in each target village. The CBOs are registered with the Department of Social Services. WF will conduct it’s first visit to the project area after the work plan has been updated.

The CBOs are mobilized for the well and sanitation facility constructions. Hydrogeological surveys are done in the project villages, and the reports are submissed to the Water Resource Management Authority (WRMA) for approval and authorization acquisition. After the village elders and county council have given consent, the first boreholes are planned to be drilled till the end of 2015.