Navalparasi (2019-2021)

Sustainable water supply and capacity building in Devchuli municipality, Nepal (2019-2021)

Project in Devchuli municipality, Nepal is an extension to Finland’s NAPA WASH project in Nepal in 2014-2016. There is a great potential in developing the area to the next level in water quality and sanitation by capacity building in ward and municipality level, training and minor construction to ensure the long-term sustainability based on self-reliance of the communities. There is a clear demand for a continuation project after NAPA WASH; Devchuli area has basic level water and sanitation services, however, the quality of water and skills of maintaining and providing a safe water supply are still not sufficient enough and therefore cause health issues. Therefore the need to increase understanding and awareness of the sustainability of WASH services and facilities in user committees is needed.

The overall project objective is to improve the self-reliance of Devchuli communities to sustain their WASH services at an acceptable and good level to ensure safe drinking water and healthy, hygienic, Open Defecation Free (ODF) environment for the whole community. This is done by applying tested operation & maintenance (O&M) practices, new technologies and capacity building at the community, ward and municipality level.

The other goal is to have Water Safety Plan (WSP) introduced and in use in all project Water Users and Sanitation Committees (WUSC) in addition to the water quality testing programs. The target is to have managed water distribution coverage increased to 100% in selected project areas. In addition, raising awareness of the importance of water quality to public health, sanitation and hygiene activities will be focused on in household and community level.

At this point, it can be assumed that the water quantity is sufficient in the project area. Technical water scheme project is not urgently needed, instead, the municipality has the chance to show the example to other municipalities and districts by bringing the water quality to the next level.

Project management is done by WaterFinns in Finland, with the local partner Center for Appropriate Technology Nepal (CATN) in Nepal in addition to the Devchuli municipality and selected local Water User Committees in Nepal. The project aims to continue the long history of Finnish water sector support in Nepal.


Project manager:
Varpu Vasko

Senior advisers:
Ilkka Nevalainen, Jarkko Karjalainen,
Kari Leminen and Saara Nokelainen

Other technical project assistance:
Sanna Ruuhela

Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Maa- ja vesitekniikan tuki ry

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