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Members of WaterFinns - Be a part of our charity work for developing countries!

The activities of the NGO WaterFinns are open to everyone whose heart lies in water related areas and development cooperation projects.

As a member you…

  • hear the latest updates from on-going projects and NGO activities
  • get invitations to join WaterFinns meetings and events
  • hear about opportunities to be part of the project activities
  • get the latest news in the water sector: such as open positions etc.
  • can build your professional network
  • can be part of charity work for development countries!
  • support a good cause!

The work of WaterFinns is volunteer based and thus, all extra help is always welcome and appreciated! For those of you in the early stages of your career, the activities and development cooperation projects undertaken by WaterFinns offer an excellent opportunity to gain experience of project planning, implementation and international contacts. For those who have been working in the sector for longer, this is your chance to share your know-how and expertise with others. We need both juniors and seniors!

To Become a member

To become a member of WaterFinns fill the form below  (ignore the mention of a joining fee). We will contact you after you have sent it and paid the membership fee. Alternatively, you can also send us an e-mail ( and tell us you are interested in becoming a member.

After filling the form you can pay the memberhip fee. The WaterFinns membership fee for the year 2017 is 20 €.  There is no separate joining fee anymore. Please pay the membership fee at our webstore:


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