Support our work

WaterFinns activities are all volunteer based work. In addition to our main supporter Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland´s financial support, we need to have co-funding to cover our share of project expences and for maintaining WaterFinns’ activities. See below how to help us continue our work!


Donations can be aimed to support an individual project or WaterFinns activities.  If you wish to make donation, they are to be paid to our bank account for donations: FI96 1572 3000 3751 13. Please type "lahjoitus" or "donation" as a message. If you have questions relating to donations, please contact waterfinns(at) for more information.

WaterFinns ry has the permission to receive donations (Rahankeräyslupa RA/2020/538, voimassa 15.5.2020 lähtien).

Become a Supporting Member

Supporting members and their contributions are very important to us!  We are constantly seeking new cooperation partners. To become a supporting member, send us e-mail for further instructions. The membership fee is 250 € a year (2021) and can be paid through our webshop Holvi.

As an appreciation of your financial support, we can offer you visibility in our activities, logo in our web page and a mention in our publications. We can also take part in your corporate events to tell about our projects, and share our water sector expertise by writing about relevant issues in your publications. The cooperation partners are acknowledged in our project reports and in our public channels.


The following organisations and companies have supported us:

Maa- ja vesitekniikan tuki ry:n tukee maa- ja vesiteknillistä tutkimus- ja opetustoimintaa sekä maaseudun suunnitteluun ja rakentamiseen liittyvien kysymysten selvittämistä. 
Ulkoministeriö edistää Suomen ja suomalaisten turvallisuutta ja hyvinvointia sekä toimii turvallisen ja oikeudenmukaisen maailman hyväksi.
Aalto University
Aalto University is a new multidisciplinary science and art community in the fields of science, business, and art and design.